Action with digital influencers

Date: 2017

Customer: Strasbourg Peugeot

Oficina das Palavras conducted a special test drive with digital influencers from cities where Strasbourg maintains dealerships. Our team did all creation, organization, invitation and accompaniment. The result was dozens of posts and the recognition of the new Peugeot’s brand to the desired public.


Transmedia Action

Date: 2016

Customer: Barbieri Litoral

Social Networking Producer of Barbieri Litoral, Oficina das Palavras suggested the participation of netizens by Facebook with phrases about the Tree Day. The result of the action was the transmission of this material on electronic panels of the company in the streets of the region, expanding the online dissemination to the offline.



Crisis management

Date: 2017

Customer: Blumeterra

Oficina das Palavras announced in advance and conquered important journalistic spaces about the exit of Blumeterra, a company that until then had operated as a garbage collector in Blumenau, but did not have the renewed concession contract. At the same time that the exit would occur, the city would live in trouble because the new company had not been hired.



Date: since 2006

Customer: Fundação Cultural de Pomerode, Vale das Cervejarias Artesanais

Since 2006, Oficina das Palavras has been making these scheduled trips to journalists and bloggers. It details the schedule, chooses the interview sources, makes the invitations and accompanies the visitors who come to know specific scripts. Awarded by the Gustav Salinger Award.



Online Presence

Date: since 2014

Customer: Linhas Círculo

A company with almost 80 years of activity, the acting with Círculo is concentrated on B2B, with segmentation of news focused on the artisans and achievements in all corners of Brazil, such as Manequim, Molde & Cia and Catraca Livre.


Campaign and Lead Management Online         

Date: 2015 and 2016

Customer: Fibrafort

In addition to being a content producer, Oficina das Palavras handled the campaigns and lead management of Fibrafort, a luxury market boat company. Planned actions were taken on Facebook and the capture of 30 leads per week, despite the added value of the product.


Online Institutional Presence

Date: 2017

Customer: Oficina das Palavras

The planning, execution and distribution of an animated gif in commemoration of Journalist’s Day hit the mark of more than 80 thousand people reached, with exact 748 shares for about 24 hours. Another action that viralized and reinforced the institutional mark of Oficina das Palavras.


Action with digital influencers

Date: 2017

Customer: Foster Pet Shop

To ensure better visibility to the pet shop launch, Oficina das Palavras has created a dog birthday action, inviting digital influencers and their respective pets. The theme also pleased the press, which covered the event.



Online and offline joint action

Date: 2017

Customers: Linhas Círculo e Oficina das Palavras

Strategic planning, execution of the negotiations and management on-line and off-line yielded recognition of the Circle Lines that served as raw material for a “look-out” of Louro José. The doll was sent to the television program Mais Você, received by the production team and photos were posted on the official profiles of the show and the doll. Online, a crowd was created with the participation of 450 people, who turned the action into a viral to more than 31 thousand netizens.

Experimentation trip

Date: since 2013

Customers: Hi Bonjour, Quest Language Studies, World Study e Kirra Intercâmbio

In order to be able to tell Brazil about how language schools work for outlanders and what the role of exchange agencies is, Oficina das Palavras has traveled some countries to make the recognition. Afterwards, it divulged to the Brazilian audience through the press office and with the creation of a specific communication channel to this public, the Passport Office.

National Press Office

Date: from 2010 to 2017

Customer: Osterfest

also won the ADVB / SC Top Marketing Award.


National Press Office

Date: from 2010 to 2017

Customer: Osterfest

Pomerode’s Easter Party has won hundreds of media appearances, which ensured customer projection and visibility. Important spaces were conquered in Jornal Nacional and Jornal Hoje and in programs like Mais Você, Encontro com Fátima Bernardes and É de Casa. The 2017 action also won the ADVB / SC Top Marketing Award.



Event tracking

Date: from 2009 to 2012 and from 2016 to 2017

Customer: Festa Pomerana’

In several editions, an advisor of Oficina das Palavras worked directly with the Festa Pomerana, assisting the recording of interviews and special reports, case search and the client’s relationship with the press.


Magazine production

Date: from 2012 to 2017

Customer: SindsegSC

Oficina das Palavras interviews people, produces reports, edits texts, reviews and subscribes to the annual journals of SindsegSC, focused on the insurance industry.



Digital Press Office

Date: 2017

Customer: Weihnachtsmarket

The new scenario of communication has made this year’s Christmas publicizing actions of Pomerode had a relationship with the digital world. Strategies were designed to reach the journalist in a differentiated way and, consequently, gain visibility by the public. Videos, audios, texts and a different content were planned and idealized by Oficina das Palavras.



Content production and management for social networks

Date: from 2011 to 2016

Customer: FG Empreendimentos

Throughout this period, Oficina das Palavras created and transformed the page of FG Empreendimentos on Facebook as the largest in public and the one with biggest engagement among Santa Catarina construction companies. The content spoke to the different audiences requested by the Marketing and contributed in the capture of real leads for the acquisition of apartments of the luxury market.


Actions with digital influencers

Date: 2017

Customer: Brandili

In addition to the traditional press office, Oficina das Palavras maintains a constant relationship with Brazilian digital influencers. There are actions of sending pieces of clothing for professionals who are directly connected to the brand.


Changing public perception

Date: Since 2016

Customer: Hospital Marieta

When Oficina das Palavras took over the press office of Marieta Konder Bornhausen Hospital and Maternity, it aimed to change the way the press reporting, and consequently the public, saw the health unit. With strategy, negative reporting gave way to positive visibility. Currently, almost 70% of everything that is broadcast in relation to the Marieta Hospital are favorable or neutral reports.


Link Building

Date: from 2009 to 2017

Customer: Posthaus

In order to help with e-commerce SEO, Oficina das Palavras worked for years in search of spontaneous spaces for the brand’s products. The mentions on blogs and journalistic portals, besides the presence with the digital influencers, guaranteed better positioning on the internet and more sales.



Adwords and SEO Campaign

Date: 2017

Customer: Ortopedista Rodrigo Monari

In addition to produce content thinking about the site’s SEO, Oficina das Palavras designed, set up the Google AdWords campaign and has been maintaining the good positioning of the website of orthopedist Rodrigo Monari on the internet.



Sponsorship Campaign on LinkedIn

Date: 2017

Customer: Effecta Coaching

With paid media experience on different platforms, Oficina das Palavras has produced and managed campaigns at LinkedIn with a focus on attracting qualified leads to Effect Coaching.