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15 years of communication intelligence


A Oficina das Palavras é uma empresa que coloca a Inteligência em Comunicação a favor da sua marca. Produzimos conteúdo criativo e desenvolvemos estratégias de comunicação para alcançar seus objetivos.

Assessoria de imprensa

Oficina das Palavras transforms brands into news. This is the result of the press office. Our experience of years of acting and strategic planning guarantees space in regional, state, national and segmented communication vehicles.

Action with Digital Influencers

Digital influencers are yet another channel for you and your brand to gain visibility and credibility. The Oficina das Palavras team creates relationship strategies to execute specific actions or a periodic shipping schedule, so that you can surprise and win spontaneous mentions.

Mentoring for social media

We set up a personalized course according to your company's needs in order to develop your communication and digital media skills.

Gestão de redes sociais

In addition to content production, Oficina das Palavras plans and executes all channels, generates reports that contribute to commercial teams, understands the rapid changes in platforms and adjusts to always be on top of what is happening in the world of digital communication.

Paid traffic

Organic content is important, but social media depends on producing specialized content for paid Ads campaigns. Oficina das Palavras is a communication company with professionals specialized in better investing investments, in search of consistent practical results.

Conteúdo jornalístico corporativo

The production of corporate content takes force in this new communication scenario in which brands gain a voice. Oficina das Palavras is a communication company that plans and executes texts for websites, magazines, newsletters, as well as audio and video production.



Communicators by training, passionate about the speed of change in the current world and eager to understand the new practices and creativity surrounding press consultancy and content production. We are a communication company that seeks to make a difference to customers and partners. Oficina das Palavras was founded in 2006, from the union of forces and complementing the skills of journalists Ana Paula Ruschel and Ricardo Ruas, two professionals with extensive experience and who think outside the box.


Practical results from press relations, public relations and production of multiplatform content in extraordinarily creative actions.

Assessoria de imprensa nacional
Gerenciamento de redes sociais
Ação com influenciadores digitais
Acompanhamento de eventos
Gerenciamento de crise
Ação transmídia
Volvo Ocean Race - Itajaí

For three months, Oficina das Palavras was responsible for press relations in Brazil for the Volvo Ocean Race Itajaí Stopover, considered the Formula 1 of the seas. There were 830 spaces conquered in the press in general spontaneously, including the mainstream media with R$ 2.6 million return on investment.


Through the press office and the production of content with strategic actions both digital and analog, Oficina das Palavras has achieved an average of R$ 17 million in media return for the client portfolio in service every year.


Travel is Life

Traveling is Life is a project to produce authorial content on travel, tourism and exchange. In addition to being an information channel for the general public, it is also a space for testing and identifying results on online platforms. All executed by the Oficina das Palavras team specialized in producing content that generates results. Traveling is Life also offers the possibility to promote brands, services and products of partners through the press office.

Tem Notícia

The press office produces content that will be spontaneously disseminated in the media and Tem Noticias is the channel of Oficina das Palavras which concentrates all the information produced by our team. Here journalists can find guidelines and more content for their articles on different areas of expertise.


More than 300 customers have already been announced and gained notoriety with the help of Oficina das Palavras

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