Success Cases

Sending of collection

Date: SINCE 2020

The collection production is also part of the press relations work developed by Oficina das Palavras. A selection of customers' products in the showcase model is sent to vehicles that work in this format, either on special dates or on specific guidelines, such as the textile industry Brandili, which has had its pieces stamped on large national vehicles.

SEO techniques for blog

Date: DE 2020 A 2021

Producing blog content requires more than writing skills, Oficina das Palavras has experience in producing texts with SEO techniques so that blogs have a good organic positioning in Google searches, generating traffic and authority.

Relationship with costume designers

Date: DE 2019 A 2020

Through the relationship of Oficina das Palavras with costume designers from all over the country, the Elian Group participated in audiovisual productions from broadcasters such as Globo, SBT, Record and Gloob, where characters from soap operas and program hosts used pieces from their children's and women's fashion brands .

Monitoring of events and interviews

Client: Universo Ária
Date: 2020

In addition to producing content that is of public interest and conquering spaces in the media, Oficina das Palavras schedules and monitors radio and TV recordings, both at events and at the headquarters of broadcasters or companies.

Production of newsletters

Client: Cooper
Data: DESDE 2018

Understand the language of each audience and then produce content in a relevant format. That is what Oficina das Palavras does with Cooper, being responsible for collecting information, producing texts, proofreading, diagramming and journalistically signing the Cooper Newsletter, printed and aimed at external audiences, and Nossa Gente, aimed at employees as an e-book .

Mentoring focused on social media

Date: 2019

The challenge of Oficina das Palavras with Beto Carrero World was to restructure the Strategic Planning and present new opportunities in social media, in addition to helping the members of the internal team with methodologies and intelligence in communication. Over three months, face-to-face meetings were held, bringing together key figures from each sector, to promote the integration of digital communication. At the end of each month, analytical manuals were generated, with objectives and suggested strategies to be followed.

Assessoria de imprensa e gerenciamento de redes sociais

Client: Volvo Ocean Race - Itajaí
Date: 2018

For three months, Oficina das Palavras was responsible for press relations in Brazil for the Volvo Ocean Race Itajaí Stopover, considered the Formula 1 of the seas. There were 830 spaces conquered in the press in general spontaneously, including the mainstream media with R$ 2.6 million return on investment.

In addition, Oficina das Palavras started from scratch digital media (Facebook and Instagram), reaching an average weekly reach of 210 thousand people reached and engaged. In the 18 days of the event, more than 440 thousand people passed through Vila da Regata.

Assessoria de imprensa nacional

Client: Osterfest
Date: 2010 to 2017

The Pomerode Easter Party won hundreds of participations in the media, which guaranteed projection and visibility to the customer. Important spaces were conquered in Jornal Nacional and Jornal Hoje and in programs such as Mais Você, Encontro with Fátima Bernardes and É de Casa. The 2017 action also won the Top Marketing award from ADVB / SC.

Ação com influenciadores digitais

Client: Client: Strasbourg Peugeot
Date: 2017

Oficina das Palavras conducted a special test drive with digital influencers from cities where Strasbourg maintains dealerships. All creation, organization, invitation and follow-up was done by our team. The result was dozens of posts and brand recognition of the new Peugeot to the desired audience.

Foto Daniel Zimmermann

Acompanhamento de eventos

Client: Festa Pomerana
Date: from 2009 to 2012 and from 2016 to 2017

In several editions, an advisor at Oficina das Palavras acted directly at Festa Pomerana, assisting in the recording of interviews and special reports, search for cases and in the client's relationship with the press.

Produção de revista

Client: SindsegSC
Date: from 2012 to 2017

Oficina das Palavras interviewed people, produced reports, edited the texts, reviewed and subscribed to the annual SindsegSC magazines in this period, focused on the insurance sector.

Ação transmídia

Client: Barbieri Litoral
Date: 2016

Producer of content from the social networks of Barbieri Litoral, Oficina das Palavras suggested the participation of Internet users on Facebook with phrases about Arbor Day. The result of the action was the transmission of this material on the company's electronic panels on the streets of the region, expanding online and offline advertising.

Assessoria de imprensa digital

Client: Weihnachtsmarket
Date: 2017

The new communication scenario made this year the actions to publicize Natal de Pomerode have a relationship with the digital world. Strategies were devised to reach the journalist in a different way and, consequently, gain visibility by the public. Videos, audios, texts and differentiated content were planned and designed by Oficina das Palavras.

Gerenciamento de crise

Client: Blumeterra
Date: 2017

Oficina das Palavras released in advance and conquered important journalistic spaces about the departure of Blumeterra, a company that until then acted as a garbage collector in Blumenau, but has not had the concession contract renewed. At the same time that the exit would take place, the city would be in trouble because the new company had not been hired.

Produção e gestão das redes sociais

Client: GO NORTH
Date: 2019

Go North, a company specialized in immigration, managed to better visualize the number of people interested in moving to Canada through the work of Oficina das Palavras in their networks. The planning, production of strategic content and the technical knowledge of our professionals generated more than 200 qualified leads.


Clients: Pomerode Cultural Foundation, Vale das Cervejarias Artesanais
Date: since 2006

Since 2006, Oficina das Palavras has been organizing these scheduled trips for journalists and bloggers. It details the schedule, chooses the sources of the interview, makes the invitations and accompanies the visitors who arrive to know specific scripts. Service awarded by the Gustav Salinger Prize.

Campanha e gerenciamento de leads on-line

Client: Fibrafort
Date: 2015 and 2016

In addition to producing content, Oficina das Palavras took care of the campaigns and lead management of Fibrafort, a luxury motorboat company. Planned actions were taken on Facebook and the capture of 30 weekly leads, despite the added value of the product.

Link building

Client: Posthaus
Date: from 2009 to 2017

To assist in the e-commerce SEO, Oficina das Palavras has worked for years in search of spontaneous spaces for the brand's products. Citations on blogs and news portals, in addition to being present with digital influencers, guaranteed better positioning on the internet and more sales.

Presença on-line

Client: Circle Lines
Date: since 2014

A company with almost 80 years of activity, its activities with Círculo are focused on B2B, with segmentation of news also aimed at artisans and achievements in all corners of Brazil, such as Manequim, Molde & Cia and Catraca Livre.

Mudança da percepção pública

Client: Hospital Marieta
Date: since 2016

When she took over the press office of Marieta Konder Bornhausen Hospital and Maternity, Oficina das Palavras aimed to change the way the press and, consequently, the public, saw the health unit. With the strategy, the negative reports gave rise to positive visibility. Currently, almost 70% of everything that is broadcast in relation to Hospital Marieta are favorable or neutral reports.

Ação casada on-line e off-line

Clients: Circle Lines and Word Workshop
Date: 2017

Strategic planning, execution of negotiations and online and offline management have earned recognition from Círculo S / A, the largest manufacturer of yarn for handicrafts in Latin America, which served as raw material for a “double” of the Louro José. The doll was sent to the Mais Você program, received by the production team and photos were posted on the official profiles of the program and the doll. On-line, a crowd was created with the participation of 450 people, who turned the action into a viral one for more than 31 thousand internet users.

Campanha de patrocínio no Linkedin

Client: Effecta Coaching
Date: 2017

Com experiência na mídia paga em diferentes plataformas, a Oficina das Palavras realizou a produção e o gerenciamento de campanhas no LinkedIn com foco na captação de leads qualificados para a Effecta Coaching.

Viagem de experimentação

Clients: Hi Bonjour, Quest Language Studies, World Study and Kirra Exchange
Date: since 2013

In order to be able to tell in Brazil about how language schools for foreigners work and what is the role of exchange agencies, Oficina das Palavras traveled to some countries to do the recognition. Then, it disclosed to the Brazilian public through the press office and also with the creation of a specific communication channel for this public, the Passport Oficina.

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