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Oficina das Palavras was founded in 2006, from the union of forces and complementation of different skills of journalists Ana Paula Ruschel and Ricardo Ruas, professionals with extensive experience and who think outside the box.

Together they made a difference and today Oficina das Palavras is a solid press and content advisory company, which has opened the market and is maintained thanks to the constant updating and search for news.

We serve local to global customers, with regionalized and international work with our own team in Portugal and Canada.


Recognition of the work of press relations and content production.

Word Workshop Team

Ana Paula Ruschel


Passionate about people and their stories. Ana Paula connects clients, partners and professionals in search of results with purpose. Graduated in Journalism, with an MBA in Marketing and a Master's student in Marketing and Strategy in Europe, Ana Paula sees the world as a great universe of possibilities. In Portugal, Canada or Brazil, the job location is a detail. What counts is thinking and acting out of the conventional, in search of the successes that fill the communicators' heart with pride.

Ricardo Ruas


Citizen of the world, where he learned a lot by observing new scenarios and cultures, Ricardo has two MBAs (Marketing and Corporate Communication Management). He has previously served as a television and newspaper reporter, and later on had the chance to work abroad, on trips to Canada, the United States and Australia. He also received the 2009 Young Entrepreneur Award. It carries with it the maxim that evolution is at the level of consciousness.

Patricia Wippel


Journalist and publicist, Patrícia Wippel is head of content at Oficina das Palavras and is always attuned to the news in the area, with updates focused on Digital Marketing and Influence Marketing. She has experience in press relations, TV, the web and relationships with influencers. She loves to travel and accumulates two international experiences, one in Spain and the other in the United States, where she worked closely with Mickey Mouse in the Disney parks. She enjoys a holistic vibe (like a good Aquarian with a fish ascendant) and restores her energies and inspirations by meeting new places and people.

Sabini Roncaglio


Graduated in journalism, she is a specialist in Corporate Communication, with updates on digital marketing and training as a proofreader. With experience in radio, TV and press relations, she is head of content at Oficina das Palavras. Even human, she loves the exact ones and lives creating reports in search of the best results. Curious and restless, she can't resist a “why?” and a “but”, always looking for answers that help to produce and deliver relevant and creative content - or to simply know something new and make new friends.

Leticia Oberger


The passion for football (especially Fluminense, team of the heart) made journalist Letícia Oberger specialize in the area. Since 2010 at ODP, where she began her career in the profession, she has worked in several sectors of the company, adding experiences in digital press relations, institutional productions, relationships with influencers and costume designers, and endomarketing actions. Today she is head of content and has the home office partner Theodoro, her four-legged baby who is the face of Scooby-Doo.

Elaíse Cidral


Her passion for books and storytelling made her join Journalism. Elaíse Cidral worked in radio and television, where she worked from production to presentation. The specialization in Management in Business Communication has expanded its area of knowledge. Previous experience and contacts with the regional and state press further help her work at the Workshop as a content creator.

Martha Kienast


Curiosity made this communicator graduate in Journalism, Digital Marketing and specialize in Marketing for Tourism and Business Management. The desire to meet the new is so great, that she went beyond the area of communication and decided to exercise physics on board a paraglider. In her spare time, she plays with her six four-legged children (this is when she is not adopting doguinhos from the street). Enthusiastic about news, she is always willing to develop the most different strategies for new challenges.

Camila Tibes


A journalist for over 10 years, Camila Tibes has worked in television as a reporter and producer, but she is a press officer even though she likes it, an area she has been working at ODP since 2014. The Executive MBA in Marketing and Communication assists her in daily demands customers, where she creates content for different platforms. As a good Aquarian, she is daring and is always ready to discover the new, so much so that in recent years she has become a master chef in gluten free cooking.

Victoria Girotto


Journalist constantly updated in the Digital Marketing area. Victória started her career at Oficina das Palavras, where she works as a content creator and was able to confirm her passion for the press office discovered in college. Connected since she was young, she loves to write for social networks and has contributed to blogs in several segments, including fashion, travel and even hydraulic services. And speaking of travel, your favorite place in the world is by car, bus or plane to a new destination, always photographing every detail.

Liliane Machado


Journalist with specialization in Digital Media. Liliane Machado is studying for a Master's Degree in Communication Sciences at the University of Minho (Portugal) She has experience in TV, radio, press relations and the web. Passionate about telling stories, making friends and not resisting a good conversation with anyone: people, animals, plants and even extraterrestrials.

Daniela Martinez


Advertising specialist in Creative Marketing, Daniela Martinez is Social Media at Oficina das Palavras. She gives a special touch to everything you see on our social networks. She loves to take advantage of her free time to venture into nature, be it through the trails or by bike.

Joel Minusculi


Journalist and specialist in Social Media, Joel Minusculi is immersed in all the updates of the platforms and browses through several spreadsheets of data analysis. He has experience with pages, profiles, websites and blogs from various segments, from selling tires, passing boats that go around the world, to luxury apartments. In his spare time he likes to look for inspiration in games, series and other cool things.

André Luiz de Souza


Business administrator, entrepreneur and manager of other businesses, André works as a consultant and administrator at Oficina das Palavras. Graduated in Administration and with long experience in business management, he is a partner-owner of an advertising agency. Passionate about gastronomy, he has charcuterie as a hobby and sees it as a future business.


"We exist to produce content with credibility and innovation, using multiplatforms to strengthen the communication of people and organizations".


"To be among the main producers of strategic content until 2026, acting with ethics, creativity and technical knowledge on digital platforms and spontaneous communication".


Commitment, Ethics, Dynamism, Quality, Creativity, Valuing People, Versatility and Connectivity.

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