Who we are

Who we are


Graduate communicators, passionate about the speed of changes in the current world, experienced professionals always looking to make a difference to customers and partners. Oficina das Palavras was founded in 2006, joining forces and complementing the different skills of journalists Ana Paula Ruschel and Ricardo Ruas, professionals with wide experience, and thinking outside the box.

Together they made the difference and today Oficina das Palavras is a consolidated Press and Content Advisory company, which has pioneered the market and is maintained thanks to constant updating and search for news. We have offices in Blumenau and Itajaí and a business unit in Ibirama, in the Alto Vale do Itajaí (SC). We serve from local to global clients, with regionalized and international work with our own team in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and Mexico.


“We exist to produce content with credibility and innovation, using multiplatforms to strengthen the communication of people and organizations”


“To be included in the main digital audiences and among the most remembered content production companies of SC until 2020, being featured in the innovation of spontaneous communication in multiplatforms”


Commitment, Ethics, Dynamism, Quality, Creativity, Appreciation of People, Versatility and Connectivity.




Ana Paula Ruschel

Founder and director of attendance

A founder and director of attendance, Ana Paula Ruschel has a degree in journalism and an MBA in Marketing. Ana Paula has presented and edited television news. She also has a management and leadership formation by FGV and has improved English and French in exchanges by the Rotary Club in Thailand and France. The journalist has already worked in Canada, Germany, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.


Ricardo Ruas

Founder and director of content

A founder and director of content, Ricardo Ruas has two MBAs (Marketing and Corporate Communication Management), served as a television and newspaper reporter and later had the chance to work abroad, on trips to Canada, the United States and Australia. He also received the 2009 Young Entrepreneur Award.


Patrícia Wippel

Jjournalist and advertising

Patrícia Wippel is a journalist and advertising person with international experience in Spain and the United States, where she also worked at Disney. She responds as editor of Oficina das Palavras.


Sabini Roncaglio

An expert in Corporate Communication Management

An expert in Corporate Communication Management, journalist Sabini Roncaglio has experience in television and press office. She also operates as editor of Oficina das Palavras.


Camile Magalhães


Camile Magalhães is still recognized in Santa Catarina for her long television performance. Journalist graduated from Univali, also worked on national television networks. She is one of the team’s press officers today.


Letícia Oberger


The passion for sports made the journalist Leticia Oberger specialize in the area. She is among the oldest professionals in Oficina das Palavras, where she acts as a press officer.


Martha Kienast

Journalist and press officer

Aware of the changes in communication, journalist and press officer Martha Kienast has experience in print journalism. However, she has searched for a renewal in the MBA in Communication Management, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. Additionally, she has experience in international journalistic coverage.


Camila Tibes


Camila Tibes is a journalist with television acting, where she was a reporter and producer. The Executive MBA in Marketing and Communication aids in the daily demands of the customers of Oficina das Palavras, where she operates as a press officer.


Fernanda Vieira


Fernanda Vieira has the jovial look that contributes daily with the constant desire to follow the trends. She is a journalist with experience in newspapers and the academic world. She acts as a press officer.


Joel Minusculi

Communication Management in Digital Media

He understands like no one of the daily changes of social networking platforms. A journalist specializing in Communication Management in Digital Media, Joel Minusculi acts as digital media manager at Oficina das Palavras.


Larissa Segatte

Clipping intern

Larissa Segatte is a journalism student and acts as a clipping intern. She has the mission of monitoring and verifying where the customers of Oficina das Palavras are being mentioned.


André Luiz de Souza


André Luiz de Souza is an administrator, partner and advisor to the managers of Oficina das Palavras.


Nicolas Michel


The cool Nicolas Michel is an advertising person and responsible for making the market recognize the work of Oficina das Palavras. He goes after and engages with new customers and projects related to them.