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Digital Press Office

The role of Oficina das Palavras is to turn brands into news. Our years of experience and strategic planning ensure space in traditional communication vehicles and also with digital influencers.



This is the term used in social media to sow or disseminate information among consumers, so that they themselves pass these ``seeds`` on to their network of contacts.


Link Building

A way to gain positioning on internet search engines is by being mentioned in different websites. Oficina das Palavras has the expertise to conquer these spaces in a spontaneous and planned way.


Offline actions for online reactions

We have built experiments for digital influencers to give their opinion to their audience on social networks.



We have put together a complete script, with information, photos, reception and accompaniment of journalists or digital influencers. Everything detailed and adjusted to ensure better publication results with positive engagement. Awarded in 2009 for creativity, sustainability and innovation.


Media Training

We teach how and when to act, how to introduce ourselves to the medium of communication. A course with theory and practice to understand the current scenario of communication and achieve greater visibility. We also address the care and etiquette to make digital media allied and ensure online communication without noise.



We monitor daily the quotations with the names of customers and their competitors. We also offer a unique clipping system, which stores and qualifies these conquered spaces.


Conferences and Workshops

The Oficina das Palavras team has been circulating in Santa Catarina presenting all the experience in Digital Press and Content Counseling. These are theoretical and practical activities that contribute to the development of the Communication and Digital Marketing scenario.


Social Networking Management

In addition to content production, Oficina das Palavras manages all material, generates reports that contribute to business teams, understands the rapid changes of platforms, and adjusts to be always inside of what happens in the worldwide network.


Production and management of Ads and Adwords campaigns

The organic content is important, however social networks depend on the production of paid Ads and AdWords campaigns. We have professionals who specialize in applying investments better, in search of consistent practical results.


Corporate journalistic content

Texts for websites, magazines, newsletters, as well as audio and video production are recurring activities of the Oficina das Palavras team.


Content for social networks

Oficina das Palavras curates, produces, reproduces and manages corporate social networks. It works in search of leads and consolidation of brands on the internet.


More than 300 customers have already been divulged and gained notoriety with the help of Oficina das Palavras.


Practical results in extraordinarily creative actions.

Volvo Ocean Race – Itajaí

During three months, Oficina das Palavras was responsible for the press office in Brazil for Volvo Ocean Race’s Itajaí Stopover, considered the Formula 1 of the seas. There were 830 spaces conquered in the press in general spontaneously, including the mainstream media with R$ 2.6 million return on investment.
Furthermore, Oficina das Palavras has started its digital media from scratch (Facebook and Instagram), achieving average weekly reach of 210 thousand people affected and engaged. In the 18 days of the event, more than 440 thousand people passed by Race Village.


The Oficina Passport is an authorial project by Oficina das Palavras. A team of passionate travel journalists elaborates multimedia material about exchange, trips and tourism and, besides producing texts, photos and videos to be released on their own channel, it also offers the possibility to promote the brand, service and partner product in specialized media through the press office.

Tem Notícia is the Oficina das Palavras’ space that concentrates all the content produced with the News of our clients. Here journalists can find guidelines and more information for their stories.


Oficina das Palavras has earned an average of R$ 17 million of media return to the customer wallet every year


Graduate communicators, passionate about the speed of changes in the current world, experienced professionals always looking to make a difference to customers and partners. Oficina das Palavras was founded in 2006, joining forces and complementing the different skills of journalists Ana Paula Ruschel and Ricardo Ruas, professionals with wide experience, and thinking outside the box.





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